Getting Started with Hardwood Floors

Are you considering upgrading your home with hardwood flooring?
Most homeowners today prefer hardwood flooring to replace their existing carpets. Others want to update their current hardwood flooring. However, figuring out the first steps to take in choosing your new flooring can be a little intimidating. Idea Wood Floors can help you every step of the way in the flooring renewal process. Keep reading this article to find all the answers to your frequently asked questions.

First Steps of New Flooring
The first step is to decide on when you want to have your floors done. This decision must be made before any other. It doesn’t matter what time of year you pick to get your floors done if you want to base your decision on weather or season. Some people think that the summer is the most practical, but it really can be done at any time of year. Your focus can really be on what would best suit the needs of your family and schedule around your available time.

Updating your flooring is a project that will undoubtedly affect your family’s daily routine. The factors involved will of course depend on what type of flooring project you have in mind. The duration of the project will depend on whether you require a new hardwood floor installation or if you require a hardwood floor refinishing project to be done.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing vs. New Hardwood Floor Installation
The team at Idea Wood Floors want your floors looking fabulous, whether you are opting for a brand-new hardwood floor installation or if you want to remove years of wear-and-tear from your existing hardwood floor. The process for either of these projects varies a little.

For a hardwood floor refinishing project, it involves a thorough sanding and finishing process that normally lasts 1-3 days. To begin, we sand the entire floor until we get to the original raw wood. Thereafter we stain it (if required) to the color of your choice. Two coats of polyurethane are applied, and a one-coat sealer, effectively erasing years of wear and damage in just a few short days.

The process of replacing your old carpets for a new hardwood floor installation involves a bit more time and planning. The planning would involve sizing and cutting the boards to perfectly fit in your home. The process can take a few weeks or longer, depending on the materials and size of the planks. Keep in mind that with this option you can pick from the wide variety of lovely floors that Idea Wood Floors offers. Additionally, a final sealant is applied to ensure the durability of your new floors.

Preparing for Flooring Work
Before the hardwood floor contractors Schaumburg arrive, there are a few things that need to be done in your home. Follow these easy steps to ensure a seamless process before the Idea Wood Floors team starts.

All furniture needs to be removed from the area.

Rip up all carpeting, including carpet strip and staples, in preparation for the hardwood floor installation.

Remove any vinyl or linoleum flooring.
Trim and baseboards should be removed but can be reused afterwards.

Hang plastic over doorways, clear your countertops, remove food from the area and seal drawers and cabinets with painter’s tape.

For your convenience, we can offer the above preparation services at an extra charge.

Get In Touch
Installing hardwood flooring in your home is an investment that will continue to pay off. Make sure you choose experienced hardwood flooring contractors that deliver high-quality workmanship. Idea Wood Floors specializes in hardwood floor repair Oak Park, installation, and refinishing. Get in touch with us should you have any queries or concerns regarding your next hardwood floor project. We will provide you with an on-site estimate or give you our best quote over the phone. Do not settle for anything but the best!

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