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Stepping on a real wood floor gives you a unique feeling of warmth, stability, and elegance. It passes all the time barriers that’s why it is the favorite type of flooring everywhere. For over 15 years,  Idea Wood Floors is Oak Park’s number one resource for quality hardwood floor refinishing and hardwood floor installation. We are experienced hardwood flooring experts who strive to bring out the rich beauty of exotic hardwood floors in an effort to add warmth to a living space. Our hardwood flooring contractors are experienced and professionals. Everything we do, we do it with attention to details and the highest quality standards you will ever find in the wood floor business. You can count on your us for a one-call worry-free solution to all your flooring projects. We have the experience and artistry to make your home shine.

Hardwood Floor Services We Provide

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

One great way to restore an old or extremely worn hardwood floor is through refinishing. It removes most stains, scratches, and damages and gives dull or discolored floor new life. Our hardwood company in Oak Park is dedicated to making your floors look new and gorgeous once again.

Hardwood Floor Installation

Our hardwood floor contractors will make sure that your hardwood is well settled into your home. Our hardwood installation in Oak Park will give you the perfect look that you have always wanted!

Hardwood Floor Repair

Whenever you need your floor repaired damaged by pets, water, furniture moving or other, hardwood floor repair contractors in Oak Park have years of experience performing floor repairs to give your floor their original appeal. When it comes to wood repairs, you can depend on our worry-free guarantee.




More and more homeowners across the world are turning to hardwood floors for their homes. It is an easy way to make a great first impression. Hardwood flooring enhances the look of your home. It does not only add elegance to your home, but it also adds warmth. Some homeowners believe that it can make your home look spacious. It is also strong and durable. Yes, over time, they can get scratched or dented. But with proper care and maintenance, your hard surface can last for decades. One of the best ways to care for your hardwood flooring is by having it repaired by professionals. Looking for a reliable company is a very important step in achieving that long-lasting and cost effective flooring that you want. But worry-no-more! Our hardwood flooring repair in Oak Park will give you the service that you want. Our highly skilled contractors are experienced and are always ready to provide you the best hardwood repair whenever you need it. Contact us and we will arrive at your home with all the tools that we need and materials that we utilize.


Our hardwood flooring company in Oak Wood features a diverse range of hardwood floors to choose from. We aim to achieve different styles and aesthetics that our customers are looking to enhance the beauty of their properties. Hardwood flooring is timeless and durable. Making it ideal for many lifestyles. With so many colors and materials to choose from, you may find it challenging to make a selection. Also you must consider other things such as lifestyle, whether you have pets or children, color or architecture of your house and environment, maintenance needs, and style. That is why, our hardwood flooring company is ready to assist you to get the desirable look and design that you want for your house. We have excotic and domestic woods as well as the new engineered wood. If you are on a budget, engineered wood is a great choice because it is easy and quick to install, and less affected by moisture than solid. For the installation, it will be done with our amazing team of hardwood installation contractors. Ensuring you that there will be no costly errors are made during the layout of your material. To know more, call us. We will give you an estimate, tips, services inclusions and the costing.



If you are fortunate enough to have solid hardwood floors in your home, make sure that you are taking care of them properly so they will continue to look at its best for years to come. If properly cared for, hardwood flooring can last for years. Having a hardwood flooring is an investment. Aside from being beautiful and classic, they are also easy to clean, durable and allergen-resistant. However, hardwood floor can actually get damaged and look dull as years goes by. If your floors have light scratches or gouges you don’t have to replace it right away. Instead, you can hire a company to refinish it. Our hardwood flooring has knowledgeable and experienced hardwood refinishing contractors. We will carefully sand down your flooring, removing scratches and damages using the latest tools and apply finish to achieve the outcome that you desire. No matter how old is your hardwood flooring, our experts are able to bring back its life. Giving you a brand new looking hardwood flooring. Call us now to give your flooring a little tender loving care. With our help, your home’s hardwood floors will last and serve you for years while looking great and adding warmth and charm to your house.

Hardwood Floor Contractors with
a Huge Selection of Hardwood Flooring in Oak Park



Speak to the flooring professionals at Idea Floors for all the great options available and have our hardwood flooring contractors in Oak Park take care of the rest.



Leap forward with your home décor using unfinished wood floors. We can buff your floors to a shine and add style to your home. Our hardwood flooring contractors in Oak Park can help.



Laminate flooring is great to work with because it’s easy and fast. Our team can make your laminate floor installation in Oak Park add great beauty to your home.



Get fantastic flooring in two ways with the stunning elegance of solid hardwood and the great simplicity of a laminate floor installation. Engineered hardwood flooring in Oak Park is the best of both.



Spectacular exotic hardwoods add warmth and style to any home. Check out our exotic hardwood flooring in Oak Park featuring Brazilian Cherrywood, Mahogany, and many others.



Vinyl flooring offers a great look for your home, and it’s so easy to work with. Durable and simple to keep clean, a vinyl floor installation in Oak Park makes for an excellent choice.

Top Reasons to Choose Idea Wood Floors as Your Top Notch Expert Hardwood Flooring Company in OAK PARK

Affordable Prices

Hardwood floor undeniably looks good. However, a lot of people think twice about getting them because it is known that high maintenance and expensive. Worry no more, our company will give you services that are affordable and just right for you.

Superior Service

Wood floors are not only durable and beautiful, but they are also timeless and never go out of style. Their beauty will last a lifetime. That’s why we put so much attention to detail in every job we do to help you achieve the floor that you want for your home or office.

Unmatched Experience

For over 15 years, Our hardwood flooring company is dedicated to bringing artistry and care to each home. That’s why we have earned the trust of our clients here in Oak Park. Our contractors are professional, friendly and patient. We will work with you to create the hardwood floors of your dreams.

Maintaining Your Hardwood Flooring – Best Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Hardwood Floor Installation Oak Park

Hardwood flooring is simply stunning and can give an instant upgrade to any home. However, every season brings a problem to your floor. That is why maintaining your hardwood is vital to keep it long-lasting. If you have kids at home, spilling water is inevitable, and you should wipe up immediately anything that spills. When using mops, avoid using wet or steam because it can damage your floor. Do not walk with stilettos and wet shoes inside the house. To avoid that, you can place a rug inside or outside the doorway to collect the water and dirt. If you have pets, always keep their claws or nails short to prevent scratches on your floor. Scratches are some of the most common problems on your hardwood floor, aside from dents. Add furniture pads to the legs of your chairs, tables, sofas, and other heavy furniture in your home. Make it a hobby to sweep or dust your floor daily, especially if you have furry friends who don’t stop shredding every day. You can also use a vacuum cleaner, but make sure that you are using the right accessories for the hardwood floor. Hardwood refinishing is the best way to renew your hardwood. Our hardwood flooring contractor in Oak Park offers hardwood floor refinishing. No matter what hardwood your floor may be, always remember to let the professionals handle yours for beautiful, long-lasting floor.


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