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Whether you want to keep your hardwood floors looking great or change the way your hardwood floors look entirely, our hardwood floor refinishing will give you the perfect new shine for your existing floors.

Our hardwood flooring contractors are experts in renewing old hardwood floors to make them look like new floors gain. We can meticulously sand down your existing hardwood floors and apply a new finish to achieve the right look you want.

Our sanding process uses the latest tools and equipment to eliminate those old scratches and dents for an even, smooth feel. Then, using the stain of your choice, we can put the perfect color back on your floors. Go from light hardwood floors to a dark color, or outdated shades to a trendy one. Finally, the top coat will give your new looking floors the great shine they once had.

You can have those new looking hardwood floors once again without the added cost of a complete floor replacement. Our hardwood floor refinishing is a very economical way to replace your old, worn out hardwood floors without ever having to remove them and install new flooring.


Our customers come to us for a variety of reasons and we have many years of expertise in hardwood floor refinishing in all shapes and sizes.


Fresh hardwood floor refinishing may radically transform the appearance of your flooring while also bringing back its charm.

Change of Ownership

Do hardwood floor refinishing to get a house ready for the real estate market. Or, if you’re relocating into a new house, alter the wood flooring to reflect your preferences rather than those of the previous owners.


Could your home’s flooring benefit from some tender loving care? Hardwood floor refinishing offers the ideal chance for any maintenance and repairs, extending the life of your flooring in the process.

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