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Sometimes, hardwood floors can get damaged. High foot traffic, heavy furniture, sun bleaching, or simply dropping the wrong item on your hardwood floors can cause scratches and gauges. That’s not the end of your hardwood floors.

Our expert hardwood flooring contractors can help with professional repairs. We have repaired countless hardwood floors to remove those unsightly damaged areas and leave them shining bright, just like new.

We use the best tools in the trade to offer great hardwood floor repair that you can count on to get your floors back in shape.

Having a damaged hardwood floor can draw the attention of anyone who walks by. With our expert hardwood floor repair service here to help, that attention can be redirected back where it belongs, on the full beautiful shine of your hardwood floors.

So don’t let a little damage on your hardwood floors get to you. Make the damage disappear, leaving behind only the gorgeous hardwood flooring you want to display in your home. Call the professionals and get our hardwood floor repair working on your floors.

You Can Save Money With Repairs

Why tolerate ugly gouges, stains, and flaws that diminish the appeal of your floor? Our hardwood flooring contractors can perform a hardwood floor installation assessment of your issue and provide an estimate for restoring your floors to their former flawless state.

Our knowledgeable hardwood floor contractors are skilled in all styles of hardwood floor restoration and provide solutions for issues like:

  • Bad scratches
  • Loose or squeaky floors
  • Cupping
  • Pet odors
  • Gouges
  • Buckling
  • Liquid stains and damage
  • Damaged or split floorboards
  • Sagging boards
  • Voids between the boards
  • Other severe damage that cannot be repaired by buffing
  • Scrapes
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