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Welcome to Idea Wood Floors for all your hardwood floor options. We have spent the past 21 years gaining experience with all aspects of hardwood flooring in Schaumburg. Our group of contractors is able to work with all kinds of hardwood floors to make your home look its best.

For hardwood floor installation, our crew always pays attention to the finer details so you can have floors that are installed with precision. If your floors need some added attention, our hardwood floor contractors know exactly what to do. We provide expert hardwood floor refinishing in Schaumburg so you can regain the beauty of your floors.

Contact Idea Wood Floors today to talk about how we can revitalize the look of your home, with solutions for your new hardwood flooring in Schaumburg.


Hardwood Floor Services We Offer

Explore Our Wide Range of Hardwood Flooring Options


We are able to sand down your existing hardwood floors and make them shine once again with expert hardwood floor refinishing in Schaumburg. You will have new looking floors in no time.


Our team can efficiently and precisely get your new hardwood settled into your home with our hardwood installation in Schaumburg. Get expertly installed hardwood floors for a perfect finish to your home.


For scratched, gauged, or otherwise damaged hardwood floors, our contractors can repair your unsightly mishaps to give your floors their original appeal. Don’t let a little damage get you down, we can fix it.


Choose Our Hardwood Floor Contractors For Every Type Of Hardwood Flooring

Unmatched Craftsmanship and Expertise in Hardwood Floor Installation


Wood Floors of Any Kind

You can count on the professional flooring experts at Idea Floors to handle any type of wood flooring in your home.


Solid Unfinished Wood Floors

Let us take care of your unfinished wood floor and make them shine for a superb finish that will bring your whole home together.


Laminate Flooring

Quick and easy to install, we can professionally put your laminate flooring into any area for your home.


Engineered Wood Floors

The look of solid hardwood and the ease of laminate, engineered wood flooring can completely change your home on a budget.


Exotic Wood Floors

To add extra warmth and beauty to your floors, we can install any one of a variety of exotic hardwoods, from Brazilian Cherry to Mahogany and more.


Vinyl Floors

For the amazing look of wood while keeping it simple, we can install vinyl flooring in your home. It’s easy to clean and looks fantastic.



Affordable Prices

Our professional services and expertise in hardwood flooring Schaumburg are affordably priced to fit into just about any home renovation budget. Also, it is much more cost effective to repair or refinish your existing hardwood than it is to purchase new flooring.

Superior Service

We are known for providing fast and friendly service to our customers. We are always ready to speak to you and answer questions. Our customers are the most important part of our business so we take care of every concern.

Experienced Contractors

We have been in the hardwood flooring Schaumburg business for over 15 years, so we have seen it all. We rely on our experience for every project, so you will always get the benefit of our expertise, whether it’s hardwood refinishing, repair, or installation.


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The most skilled professionals for hardwood floor refinishing. My wife thought we needed a floor replacement, but with their techniques and experience, a repair was just what we needed for a brand-new looking floor. Their honest advice saved us from spending an unnecessary amount of money.

Jay L. Fink

My hardwood floor installation process was very fast and clean. I had scheduled a much longer time frame for the project, but these professionals truly concentrate on their job until it’s done. Moreover, my floor looks pristine and spotless. I would definitely recommend their services.

Gregory Taylor

I am amazed by the renovated look they achieved for my floor with their service of hardwood floor refinishing. They fixed every detail to make it look like new, and it really gives the impression of a completely new floor. The best part is that I saved some money in the process.

Laura Welsh

They are the most attentive hardwood flooring contractors I have had the pleasure to work with. They work in a very organized way, constantly decluttering the space from all the debris and dirt. The resulting hardwood flooring had a very elegant look and not a single flaw on the surface.

Shelley Miller

I thought a hardware flooring installation would drain my bank account, but they have accessible prices, and my family and I were surprised by the quality of the finishing. After seeing the results, we are ready to install hardwood flooring on our second floor, and they are the people to call.

Willa Murphy

I was really happy with the help I received to choose the best hardwood floors possible for my home. The process was made easy and the hardwood flooring contractors in Glen Ellyn did an amazing job on the installation.

Steve H.

We had this contractor for hardwood floor installation in Schaumburg and they were spectacular. They worked fast and appeared very organized. They arrived on time and it was easy to deal with them. Thanks for a great job on the floors.

Tina S.

Our floors were looking old and worn out. I thought we would have to replace them but this company told us they could bring them back to life. We are so delighted with the hardwood floor refinishing in Schaumburg. Our floors look brand new!

Adina T.

I was looking for good and affordable hardwood floor contractors in Schaumburg and I am so happy I found this one. They responded fast and they were very reasonable for hardwood installation on my main floor. Everything worked out perfectly.

Ryan Y.



Step 1: For a free estimate, send us a message or give us a call
Calling us for your free estimate is the first step to getting your wood flooring. We will make sure you have all the details you need before we begin the process.

Step 2: We discuss your project
Once we go over your estimate, we will offer you the opportunity to accept our offer for your vinyl or wood flooring. By doing so, we can avoid any surprises along the way and our estimates are always comprehensive and transparent.

Step 3: Choose the correct flooring type
The next step is to select the appropriate flooring that works for your style, needs, and home itself. Our team is happy to assist you in choosing the ideal one for you. We are experienced and knowledgeable about all of the current trends.

Step 4: Enjoy your flooring for many more years
Lastly, enjoy your new vinyl flooring or wood flooring. Rest assured our company will provide the highest quality results transforming your dreams into reality.


Frequently asked questions
about flooring process

Get In-Depth Answers to Your Flooring Process Queries

How much time does wood parquet installation require?

The installation timeline is directly related to the surface where the floor is to be installed. It often takes several days to lay a parquet itself. When it comes to solid wood, additional processing is involved. For this reason, at times a floor is ready in a few weeks.

What to focus on when buying wooden parquet?

Selecting flooring is a significant investment, one that last for years and may determine living comfort. When choosing to purchase a parquet, it is important to pay specific attention to the quality of the material, as the range of products and prices on the market is massive. During your search process for the most appropriate solution, you may think that many products are similar, and their actual quality may not be revealed until the floor has undergone a heating period or after a few years have passed, when the wood has already undergone swelling and shrinkage.
Also notable are the hardness and functionality of varied wood types. If you are still undecided, inquire with a professional who may be able to explain precisely what the differences between different types of wood are.
Those who prefer uniform appearance should also consider a material’s aesthetic classification. As time passes, the amount of customers who appreciate differentiated grain of wood and pronounced knots has increased significantly to the point they are seen as advantageous, as they offer the impression that a floor is more natural.

Layered or solid floorboard?

The heating you plan to have in the room greatly influences the decision between solid and layered floorboard. Solid boards cannot be used with underfloor heating, whereas layered boards can be used. Additionally, laminate planks are made of different types of wood, so in selecting this type of parquet, a client can be more extravagant than they would be with solid planks.
On the other hand, solid planks are more susceptible to a room’s microclimate. For example, they absorb and release moisture. This may cause the boards to deform after the heating season, when they dry out completely. One should keep in mind that wood is a natural material that functions always.



Expert Guidance on Selecting the Perfect Hardwood Flooring Schaumburg

So you have finally decided to have hardwood flooring installed at your home in Schaumburg. Whether you are redecorating your humble abode or moving into a new residential property, there are some things worth considering so you can say you have found the perfect flooring for your home. There are plenty of options out there in the market and it can be quite overwhelming especially if this is your first major home project. In this blog post, we will help you sort out the factors you should look into for a flawless hardwood floor installation in Schaumburg.


First and foremost, the current floor structure of your residential property has a major role in the hardwood flooring you will be choosing. Does your place have a ground floor? An upper level? What type of subfloor does your home have?
Whether it is a concrete, plywood, or particleboard, keep in mind that only engineered hardwood flooring should be used on top of concrete flooring.  For clarity, consult your trusted flooring specialist in the area for assistance.


Another thing to consider is how frequently you will use the allotted area. Will you be using it as an entertainment room? A lounge room? A kid’s playroom? Deciding on what to use the room will help you choose the best hardwood flooring available in the Schaumburg market.
Try to anticipate the potential wear and tear to find the highest quality material you can find. If you are dedicating the room for your child’s playtime, you might as well opt for something crayon-friendly so you can avoid infinite hardwood floor refinishing for your home in Schaumburg.


This item is often overlooked, so make sure you are including this in your list. Is the room dark? Will there be limited lighting? If so, you might want to opt for a light-colored hardwood flooring in Schaumburg. This will help create a homey and airy feel inside the room without the need for a major transformation. The right flooring would be enough to do the trick. Otherwise, a dark-stained to medium-colored wood flooring is ideal in a room with all-white interiors and natural sunlight. Opting for this design will effectively create an excellent contrast to balance the darkness and lightness of the interiors. If you are not sure which color to pick, ask your hardwood flooring contractors in Schaumburg to help you out. They would be more than happy to assist you!


You may have the grandest plan for your flooring, but without the right budget, you won’t be able to achieve it. The bigger your budget, the better the quality of the hardwood flooring you can purchase. This also speaks volumes when it comes to style.
On the cheaper side of the spectrum, most solid woods are cheap and good for a reasonable investment. This is something worth considering as well. Other affordable alternatives include vinyl and laminate. Feel free to contact your home contractors in the area to perform the vinyl floor installation or laminate floor installation for your home in Schaumburg for sure work.

It is normal to be overwhelmed with the choices there are in the market. So don’t shy away from contacting your local hardwood flooring contractors around Schaumburg for assistance. For expert service, you may contact us as well. We also perform hardwood floor repair in the Schaumburg area to prolong the great quality of your flooring. When in doubt, call your trusted hardwood floor contractors!


Why Choose IDEA Hardwood Floor Schaumburg

Discover the Advantages of hardwood flooring contractors Schaumburg

Our hardwood floor refinishing dust containment system is truly dust-free.

Safe Materials
We work with environmentally safe and toxin-free materials to achieve your desired finish.

Count on our certified master craftsmen for your hardwood floor repairs.

Affordable Rates
We offer completely affordable rates nationwide for our hardwood floor refinishing.

Any Space
For any space you have, residential or commercial, our hardwood flooring contractors can help.


Our Service Area

Idea Wood Floors has been doing business since 2012 with extensive experience as far back as 2004. When it comes to hardwood flooring in Schaumburg and the surrounding areas, there is no one better. So for hardwood floor refinishing, repairs, and installation, here are the areas we serve:

For hardwood floor refinishing, repairs, and installation, we serve:

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