When you have your hardwood flooring installed, your home will look beautiful and sophisticated, especially with the proper maintenance. The walk-off mats and area rugs in each entryway may collect dirt that might be tracked in your home. Tiny particles act like sandpaper and can scratch your hardwood flooring. It is best to avoid any rubber-backed or non-ventilated mats so that your floor will not be damaged.

If you are planning to have rugs or mats in your home, there are ones that are made for hardwood floors. However, it is good to remember to shake them out regularly. When you have mats in your entryway, it is best to place the mats in any areas where water may be splashed. Buying a quality broom and sweeping your new floor regularly is important.

Using a vacuum without rotating brush to clean any areas between planks or other hard to reach areas can lessen any damages that may incur on your hardwood floorings. When you want to use a mop on your home, it is best to use a terry cloth mop with a rotating head for cleaning corners, under cabinets, and along baseboards.

Ensuring that the legs of your tables have protectors will lessen the damages on your floor. If you have pets, it is best to trim their nails regularly so that they would not be prone to any scratches on the floor. When it comes to your hardwood flooring, our hardwood floor contractors are the ones that can help you install, repair, and refinish them. We will make sure that they will look beautiful for years to come!

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