Laminate or wooden flooring. What to choose?

When choosing any type of floor we should ensure that it melds well with our lifestyle and will be able to remain attractive over time based on our lives.  Choosing an appropriate floor, whether made if laminate or natural wood, should involve the purpose of said floor, the amount of traffic it will endure daily, as well as the amount of light in the room where it will be installed.  Every type of flooring material comes with its own advantages and disadvantages which must be considered individually for each separate room.

Hardwood flooring
Natural wood has been a very popular flooring material for ages. Wooden floors provide timeless elegance, natural warmth and beauty, rich patterns, and unique coloring which transforms through the years due to lighting and sun effects, creating a distinct microclimate. One major advantage in terms of functionality is that wood flooring may be renovated, repaired, and scraped various times without requiring replacement in case it becomes damaged. This makes hardwood floor refinishing possible in order to restore a wooden floor’s previous glory, similar to that of a brand-new floor yet in a relatively simple and affordable manner. Wooden floors are excellent long-term options for both apartments and houses.

Floor panels
Floor panels are clearly a fast and easy option for finishing floors in the best manner. They can be utilized immediately after laying them, without additional expense of glue or varnish. Their market popularity is constantly growing as they mix the exceptional functionality and durability of panels with the attractive aesthetics of natural wood.  As technologies improve, the top layer resembles natural wood more and more.  Contrary to hardwood floor installation, vinyl panels do not provide any possibility of renewal by sanding and renovating.  Although they are easy to maintain and resistant o most mechanical damage, once damaged or worn, complete replacement is their only remedy.  Even the highest quality vinyl panels can only mimic natural wooden flooring.

Solid or layered wood flooring?
Our personal tastes, specific needs and the conditions of our spaces will directly dictate the type of wood floor we select. We should also consider the size of individual elements. A solid wood floor especially appeals to people who value the durability of the flooring above all else. Nevertheless, solid wood costs quite a bit and is a needier material than most laminated wood elements. Laminated wood is less responsive to humidity and temperature changes in a room than solid wood.
Selecting flooring is neither clear nor easy. Each individual flooring type has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is important to consider all pros and cons prior to purchasing in order to choose the right one for you, allowing you to enjoy its use for the longest time possible.

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