How do I choose the perfect hardwood floor species, color, and board size for my property?
Choosing the best hardwood flooring for your residential or commercial space can be overwhelming especially with lots of decisions to make.

There are different varieties of wood species, colors, and grain patterns you or your contractor can choose from. Since your wood flooring would make the majority part of any room in your house or office, this should complement the rest of your furnishings including the cabinets and curtains. If you need assistance, you may get in touch with our hardwood flooring contractors.

What is the difference between an engineered wood floor and a solid wood floor?
Solid hardwood flooring is typically designed in long planks and looks closely similar with its alternative, engineered hardwood flooring. When it comes to the cons, engineered hardwood flooring tends to be unstable, given its cross layers.

Moreover, due to its thin veneer wear layers, they cannot be entirely sanded and refinished unlike other materials. For properties with heavy traffic like houses and offices, consider getting an engineered hardwood flooring with a thicker wear layer.

Why Do I Need Professional Hardwood Floor Installation in Schaumburg?
Expect outstanding results when you hire expert hardwood flooring contractors in Schaumburg to give you the floors you’re looking for. Our team has the experience and skills to complete your hardwood floor installation in Schaumburg professionally, as we only use top-quality products to ensure a superior look and feel for your floors. Anything less may leave you with inferior flooring that can warp or fade, leading to hardwood floor repair in Schaumburg.

Should I wax my urethane finished floor?
It is strongly advised to refrain from waxing the urethane finish on your hardwood flooring. This causes a slippery surface and leaves a film that makes a dull factory-applied finish. As a result, this allows dirt to stick into the film. Companies also likely void warranties upon application of wax on the hardwood flooring. For proper maintenance, it is best to call our contractors.

Do you provide free estimates?
We provide free estimates upon the first consultation. This allows us to make a reasonable estimate cost of the project and lets you prepare the budget accordingly. We serve various areas in Schaumburg including Elmhurst, Glen Ellyn, Glenview, Naperville, Northbrook, Oak Park, Park Ridge, St Charles, Wheaton. Kindly contact us and we will arrange a convenient time for the property inspection.

What is the cost of a hardwood floor?
The project cost would depend on the size of the area, the scope of the work, and the type of wood flooring to be installed. For your peace of mind, we use top quality materials and tools to ensure the successful completion of the project. Whether your home or commercial property needs hardwood floor refinishing, hardwood floor installation, or hardwood floor repair, we have skillful hardwood floor contractors in our crew that can take care of your needs. Please call us to avail of the free estimate.

What Are the Benefits of Hardwood Flooring in Schaumburg?
Hardwood flooring is Schaumburg’s choice for a fantastic-looking home. It offers a wide variety of grain patterns, natural color variations, and the ultimate in natural elegance. Hardwood flooring is easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal choice for those who suffer from allergies, because this kind of floor does not produce dust or carry dust mites. Of all the flooring options available, hardwood flooring is probably the most enduring. So although we have a 25-year structural warranty on our hardwood flooring in Schaumburg, you can expect your floors to last for decades. But when you need it, our hardwood floor refinishing or hardwood floor repair in Schaumburg can bring back the original beauty you’re used to.

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