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IDEA Hardwood Floor Refinishing


At Idea Wood Floors, we make hardwood flooring easy for you. Our experienced team of professionals can guide you to the perfect hardwood floors in Glenview, IL. Whether you’re looking for new floors or hardwood floor refinishing in Glenview, we can make it happen.

We have been serving the Glenview area with hardwood floor solutions for over 15 years, offering repairs, installation, and refinishing that will have your floors gleaming.

Let our flooring experts help narrow your choices to the one that suits you best and our hardwood flooring contractors in Glenview will do the rest. We provide hardwood floor installation that is precise and finely detailed for a perfect look in your home or office.

Our exceptional contractors can also bring new life back to your existing floors with our hardwood floor refinishing in Glenview. We will make your old floors look new quickly and very effectively.

Contact Idea Wood Floors today for the best service on hardwood flooring in Glenview.

Hardwood Floor Services in Glenview, IL


With our hardwood floor refinishing in Glenview, your floors can shine like new once again. We will sand it down and add a new finish.


Our professional team offers superb hardwood floor installation in Glenview. We will have your floors installed with expert skill and precision.


If you have damaged hardwood floors, our experienced hardwood floor contractors in Glenview can repair back to their original look.

Key Reasons to Choose Idea Wood Floors Contractors Glenview, IL

Great Prices

Idea Wood Floors is here to provide the hardwood flooring Glenview you want at a price you can afford. We are ready to work with your budget to get you the floors you’re looking for.

Unbeatable Service

Our team is extremely knowledgeable about hardwood floors and we can help determine what is best for your home or office. Just ask and we will happily give you our honest and sincere answers.

Experience to do it All

Over the years our hardwood floor contractors Glenview have gained all the experience needed to provide professional hardwood installation and refinishing that can make any floor shine bright.

Maintaining Your Hardwood Flooring – Best Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Hardwood Floor Installation Glenview

Hardwood flooring is timeless, beautiful, and elegant. Whether you have engineered hardwood flooring, vinyl floor, or laminate floor, it can last for decades if properly maintained. Most hardwoods are durable, but they still need to be protected from damages. Always remember to wipe away spills immediately because when the liquid is left to soak into the wood, it can do irreparable damage. Protect your flooring from dents and scratches. Stilettos, pet’s nails or claws, and moving furniture can damage your flooring. Although small marks and dents are inevitable, you can still do some things to prevent deeper and larger scratches like leaving your shoes in the garage or porches cupboard, placing a doormat outside and inside your doorway to remove dust and dirt from the outside. Cover the leg of your furniture with protectors to avoid deep dents and scratches when moving them. Pick up heavy objects to move them instead of dragging them on the floor. When your floor gets scratched, try to rub the crayon on the scratch on the floor to fill the gap. Use a blower and turn it high where the crayon was applied and wipe it using soft cotton. Always get the advice of the professionals when it comes to your floor. Our hardwood flooring contractor in Glenview can do excellent hardwood floor repair, hardwood flooring installation, and hardwood flooring refinishing. Call us now to avail our services.

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