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Welcome to Idea Wood Floors where you will find all your options for hardwood flooring in Glen Ellyn. For over 15 years we have gained experience with all forms of hardwood flooring, so our team of professional contractors can work with various hardwood floors to give you home the look you want.

For outstanding hardwood floor installation in Glen Ellyn, our crew always takes care of the finer details so you can have floors that are installed perfectly every time. When your floors need some extra special attention, our hardwood floor contractors know how to handle it. We provide expert hardwood floor refinishing in Glen Ellyn so your floor can regain their exquisite beauty.

Contact Idea Wood Floors today and speak to us about how we can transform the look of your home with innovative solutions for your new hardwood flooring in Glen Ellyn.

Hardwood Flooring Services We Provide



Our team can sand down your existing hardwood floors to make them shine like new with expert hardwood floor refinishing in Glen Ellyn. You will have new looking floors without the need for a complete hardwood floor replacement.



Let us efficiently and precisely get your new hardwood laid down into your home with professional hardwood installation in Glen Ellyn. We’ll give you expertly installed hardwood floors for a perfect finish to your home design.



Hardwood flooring is a beauty that lasts a lifetime because of its looks and durability. However, it needs proper maintenance because it is prone to damage especially scratches But don’t let those damages stress you because our hardwood flooring repair in Glen Ellyn has skilled contractors that can repair your flooring. After inspecting, we will gladly recommend what is needed at this time to restore the beauty of your floors at home.

Types of hardwood flooring


Various Wood Floors

Rely on the professional flooring experts at Idea Floors to take care of any kind of wood flooring in your home.


Solid Unfinished Wood Floors

We can provide high-quality unfinished wood floors and make them shine perfectly for you, leaving a fantastic finish.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate is fast and simple for us to install. Our professionals can put your laminate flooring down in any part for your home.


Engineered Wood Floors

With the look of solid hardwood and the simplicity of laminate, engineered wood flooring can make a dramatic change in your home.


Exotic Wood Floors

Add a little extra warmth and beauty to your floors. Have us install one of a large variety of exotic hardwoods, including Brazilian Cherry, Mahogany, and more.


Vinyl Floors

Capture the amazing look of wood with simple functionality. Vinyl floor installation in Glen Ellyn is easy and looks great.

Why Idea Wood Floors is Perfect for You

Affordable Prices

Beautiful hardwood flooring in Glen Ellyn doesn’t need to be overpriced. Our services are affordable to meet just about any home renovation budget. Plus, we can save you even more with cost-effective hardwood floor repair or refinishing for your existing hardwood.

Superior Service

Idea Wood Floors is well-known for providing friendly customer service to all. Our team is always ready to speak to you and provide the help you need because our customers are the most important priority.

Experienced Contractors

We have been in the business of hardwood flooring in Glen Ellyn for more than 15 years. In all that time, we have seen it all and we rely on our experience for every new project. You will always find our expertise helpful, whether it’s for hardwood refinishing, repair, or installation.

Maintaining Your Hardwood Flooring – Best Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Hardwood Floor Installation Glen Ellyn

Hardwood floors make any room or house more beautiful because of its shiny and clean look. However, without proper care, your flooring may have scratches and look dull. Knowing how to maintain your hardwood flooring is essential to make it last. Invest in buying high-quality broom and vacuum with a rotating brush for hard to reach areas, especially under the furniture. In high-traffic areas, like a kitchen or dining room, use a vacuum or sweep daily and use a mop to keep it clean once or twice a week. Make sure that the mop that you are going to use is designed for the hardwood floor. Keep your hardwood flooring clean by placing doormats inside and outside your house to remove the dirt and moisture tracked in. Use floor protectors under furniture to avoid scratches and be careful in moving them. Also, placing rugs in high-traffic areas will help prevent scratches. Dents from stilettos and scratches from pet’s nails are not covered with warranty, so keep your pet’s nails or claws short all the time. Place mats or rugs where water could be splashed. Water can damage your hardwood flooring. Following these tips will keep your flooring beautiful for years. Our hardwood flooring contractors in Glen Ellyn are always ready to help you with any of your hardwood flooring needs. Call us today to learn more about our services.

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Testimonials of IDEA Hardwood Flooring Glen Ellyn

What makes my youngest son’s room very special is the hardwood flooring installation done by this company. It added so much character and my son loves it. Also, I would like to commend the contractors in Glen Ellyn who worked so hard and meticulously to give us a top-notch service.

Sara Lomax

We asked this hardwood flooring company in Glen Ellyn to repair our flooring that was badly installed with the previous company that we hired. Luckily, they were able to salvage the flooring, and it looks so much better now. We will highly recommend you to anyone looking for an awesome contractor.

Andrew Feller

We are very impressed with the quality and thoroughness of the work of this hardwood flooring company in Glen Ellyn. Their pricing was fair and the costumer service and work done was first class. Once we agreed with the job, they came out and completed everything, including clean up very quickly.

James Eilerman


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