Advantages of vinyl panels

It is much easier to appreciate the quality of vinyl panels, when examined in person. Today’s post is dedicated to persuading you to choose vinyl floor installation by presenting both the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl panels.

Highly damage resistant
Vinyl panels are a product that is layered and has a special coating over the top layer allowing for scratch resistance. The layered design alone helps make vinyl panels resistant to potential damage and dents. Notably, vinyl flooring is specifically recommended for pet owners.

Realistic imitations of natural materials
Those who dislike vinyl tend to consider it a mere imitation that could never replace the original material itself. This is a touch point to argue as vinyl panels are, in fact, not a natural product, yet some of their features allow them to be even better than the original in certain cases. Modern technology allows the drawing of marble, wood, and concrete on panels to be rendered so realistically, many people may be incapable of distinguishing between the two materials. Furthermore, it is possible that even after direct touching of the floor you may still believe that you are in contact with the natural material.  One key benefit of vinyl floor installation Schaumburg is its strange ability to simulate a wide variety of materials. When visiting a flooring showroom, one can select from concrete, marble, wood, concrete, at quite economic prices.

Possibility of use on renovated floors
Vinyl panels are recommended for renovated floors, specifically due to its thickness (merely a few mm),. Vinyl may be laid over already existing flooring and previously required a relatively level subfloor. Under current circumstances, flooring manufacturers are offering so-called rigid vinyl panels, which do not require the subfloor to be as even. Rigid vinyl flooring is quite similar to traditional laminate flooring in both appearance and installation, while standard vinyl is longer, flexible strips.

As vinyl panels are fully waterproof, their installation is completely recommended in even ”wet” rooms like bathrooms or kitchens. This option allows you to maintain one kind of flooring throughout the entire home, without the necessity to combine materials and work out the transitions between their heights and design differences.

Applications and uses
At some point, thanks to their advantageous properties, some interior designers started using vinyl panels in their wall designs as well.  This ultra-thin and lightweight material that is fireproof and available in a variety of unique designs and finishes is not only appropriate but often sought after for unusual applications. Vinyl floor installation Northbrook offers a relatively quiet aspect as well. If you dislike the noise of footsteps on traditional panels, you will truly enjoy the acoustic element of vinyl tiles.  Silence is guaranteed, even in the absence of additional underlayers. What is more, they are low maintenance, easy to clean, and are water resistant. Splashed water or a too-wet washer need not be concerns as they are in the case of wooden floors.

In-floor heating prospect
Vinyl panels are an excellent candidate for underfloor heating. They are an excellent solution for water-heated floors as their thermal resistance is quite low. The lower the thermal resistance, the less required for the floor to heat up, and the quicker the floor will heat the room it is in.

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