4 Tips for Hardwood Floors and Pets 

If you have pets you know that it’s much more simple to clean hardwood floors than carpet. With that said there are a few factors you should consider if you own pets and have hardwood floors.
It’s great to have hardwood floor contractors Schaumburg incorporate to apply hardwood flooring as a pet owner. Carpeting can trap and retain allergens like microorganisms and more so having hardwood floors minimizes this issue. Cleaning a hardwood floor is just overall more painless than cleaning carpet. Still take these factors into account as a pet owner even if you do have hardwood floors.

Choosing the Right Wood For Pets
If your current solution is already a hardwood floor you can’t change the type of wood at this point. However if you’re looking to get a new hardwood floor installation or a hardwood floor repair St Charles service, think about the type of wood to apply taking into account not just it’s look but the kind of pet you have too.

If you own a dog, a more complicated wood is the optimal choice for you. Softer options are susceptible to your dog’s nails leaving imprints on it. Also take into account that hair, scratches, and dander are more visible on darker colored wood. For this reason choose a medium color option. Oak, ash, and Hickory are all good medium colored choices that are good at masking scratches.

A satin or a matte finish is also a good option over a glossy one. Incorporating a glossy wood will make scratches and hair stand out which is the opposite of what you want.

Use Rugs in High-Traffic Areas
Rugs are great for defending your floors in high traffic spots that are occupied by pets and people. Rugs also can add to the appeal of your decor. Watch out for rugs that are rubber on the bottom because they are known for compromising your floors over time.

Make sure to place a run underneath the food and water bowls to absorb drips and spills from directly impacting your wood. Any rug that gets wet should be replaced right away to protect your floor from water damage issues.

You can worry less about fido. Your cat will also need to be taken into consideration when applying hardwood floors. Always put a mat below the litter box or place it in a spot that does not have hardwood flooring.

Pet Accidents on Wood Floors
Inevitably, accidents will take place. Forget about the fear involved with your cat or dog urinating on your wood floor. You want to always have a bottle of enzyme cleaner with you for hardwood floors. Doing this gets rid of the smell. Always attend to accidents right away and use enzyme cleaners to prevent this from happening over and over. If you’re looking for a professional touch hire hardwood flooring contractors Schaumburg has.

Keep Your Dog’s Nails Trimmed
Keeping your dog’s Nails decreases the damage done to your wood floors and is very helpful for your dog. A good example would be to ask yourself how your nails look without grooming them.

Pets are professionals at increasing wear and tear to your floors not limited to any type of wood you use. This costs but is totally worth every penny being that the hardwood floor contractors Schaumburg provides an exceptional service. Furthermore if you are in the market for hardwood floor refinishing. Call us today and get a free estimate on arrival from our experts.

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