Why Have My Hardwood Floors Lost Their shine?

What Can I Do About My Faded Floors?
Hardwood floors that are dull and faded are not visually appealing. This type of flooring has the ability to enhance your home’s features and even value, but if it looks lackluster, it benefits no-one. Installing hardwood floors Schaumburg is an investment in your home because of the added benefits they can bring. It’s best to take advantage of their usefulness and appeal by keeping them in their best condition and looking shiny.

Hardwood floors lose their beauty and sheen over time, if you neglect maintaining them regularly. Dull floors need fast action to restore them, to prevent further damage. Understanding the reason for their lackluster appearance can help you find effective restoration solutions the first time around. Continue reading to find out what the leading causes are that create dull-looking hardwood floors and effective solutions to fix this.

How To Identify Faded and Dull Looking Floors
After the completion of a hardwood floor installation Wheaton, your floors complement your home with their sparkle and they just look fabulously shiny. Over time and with extended use, your floors start to fade and look drab.

After some time, you may start to notice the shine fading into a cloudy, milky film and no amount of cleaning is able to revive the shine. When this happens, your floors will look faded and fail to impress any longer.

Why Do Hardwood Floors Fade?
There are numerous factors that could lead to dull and foggy floors. The following are some of the most typical contributing factors:

Making use of Harmful Cleaning Products
Hardwood floors require regular maintenance to keep them in pristine condition. Cleaning products that contain harmful ingredients can cause damage to your floors over time. After regularly cleaning your floors with unsuitable chemicals, a residue buildup or streaking can occur. This can compromise the integrity of your floors.

Extensive Use
The floor’s gleaming surface is its outermost layer and is therefore most vulnerable to damage. The top glossy layer of the floor wears down over time, exposing the drab surface below.

Below-Par Installation Finishing
During the hardwood floor installation process, the finish is applied as the lop layer. This results in the lovely shine you see on completion. When the last coat is applied incorrectly or with low-quality products, it wears down very quickly. This means your floor will have a lifeless appearance in a very short time.

Moisture Damage
Water doesn’t do hardwood floors any favors and can easily contribute to the wearing down of the floor’s finish. Water contains minerals and salt deposits, which after continuous contact with the floor, can cause a hazy appearance.

Tips on Hardwood Flooring Fade Prevention
Over time, hardwood floors can become cloudy. Here are some helpful tips for preventing this and keeping your floors looking beautiful:

Make use of appropriate cleaning products: PH-neutral cleaning products remove stains without causing any harm and are much kinder on the top finishing layer.

To assist you in cleaning your floor, without leaving harmful stains or streaks, use less of the cleaning products. A little generally goes a long way.

The correct cleaning tools and methods can reduce damage due to wear and tear and you retain shiny floors for longer.

With regular cleaning and dusting, you can prevent harmful particles from damaging your floor.

Hardwood Floor Repair and Bringing Back the Shine
If your hardwood floors are already at the point where they look faded, you can try bringing them back to life. Try to dissolve the layer of build-up on your floors to bring the original shiny finish back to the forefront. Here are some tips to help you achieve this:

Ammonia Solution
Marks and sticky stains on surfaces can easily be removed with an ammonia solution. This strong cleanser is also very effective in removing buildup from floors. This layer can be dissolved by gently wiping the affected area with an ammonia solution. Follow this up with a thorough rinsing to remove all excess solution residue. You should notice the difference almost immediately.

Natural Detergents
Choose natural or industry-recognized cleaners, rather than hazardous detergents. Natural cleaning agents, like vinegar, are non-toxic and aid in surface disinfection. Furthermore, they have acidic qualities that aid in clearing up the hazy layer on flooring surfaces. Be careful not to clean your floors solely with undiluted vinegar.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Sometimes dull floors are simply due to excessive wear and tear. To achieve the ideal shine, applying a new finish would be the best course of action in this case. For optimal results, contact only professional hardwood flooring contractors that have experience in hardwood floor refinishing projects. They can take care of the floor sanding and polishing for the perfect finish.

Now That You are Better Prepared, Let’s Get Started!
Hardwood floor repair and refinishing will ensure that your floor looks impressive once more. It is advisable to consult the professionals as they can identify the true cause of your floor’s fading and provide you with long-lasting solutions.

For the best in advice and customer satisfaction, contact Idea Wood Floors. We can assist you with numerous hardwood flooring services, including hardwood floor repair, hardwood floor refinishing and deliver the hardwood floor installation of your dreams. Contact us for professional advice and let us provide you with an on-site estimate for all your hardwood flooring needs.

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