The Top Flooring Trends for 2022

When considering flooring, you should always pick a resource that will not only fit your space but also your stylistic vision. There are a vast amount of alternatives here that you can browse through from vinyl and laminate to concrete and cork, with many other combinations that fit particular categories. Because there are so many possibilities the process can get hectic when trying to choose the right materials.
To give you a guide to go by, we’ve assembled different styles of flooring and finishes that are gaining popularity in the industry (with the help of our expert staff, of course).

  • Brown Tones 

Light-colored floors were popularized for their ability to make your perception of the space seem larger than it actually is but after the pandemic hit dark brown colors have become the new rave. This feel works great for more relaxing designs. Using brown flooring gives you a comfortable, visually warm feel. It welcomes you taking things slow and is a cult classic to many. This may be a trend that just came into existence but it will never go out of style.

  • Oversize Planks 

Longer and wider planks are now in style as told by IDEA hardwood flooring Schaumburg expert. The reason for this is more than likely based on them having less seams (which results in a cleaner and more cohesive appeal).

  • Nature-Inspired Motifs

At this point in time nature inspired floor tiles are a hit! Patterns with whimsical florals and organic shapes lend to achieving a softer design, while coastal-inspired blue and green options give off the calming effect of water and freshness.

  • Oiled Finishes

Oiled floors are a trend that has been talked about by homeowners this year. Before recently the flooring industry was more focused on creating flooring options that were durable and offered many layers of coverings. The oiled floors are the exact opposite of that design type because they have a natural look and feel but still will stand the test of time.
This growing phenomenon could be based the fact that more homeowners want to employ more natural materials over the old synthetic ones (which are rough and have a faux look)

  • White oak

Hardwood flooring Glen Ellyn is always a popular choice for flooring but as of late white oak has been moving up the charts. This style works well with many different colors but also looks great just the way it is naturally.

  • Ultra-Matte Finishes 

This trend is growing in popularity among homeowners because of the low-sheen protective coatings for wood. Another reason is because they feel more natural under your feet and still add a gorgeous look.

  • Pattern Play 

People usually apply patterned flooring to high-traffic areas of their home to give it an interesting feel. Areas such as hallways and foyers are perfect for these designs. As of late however, we are seeing this more and more in formal settings like living rooms and dining rooms.
Custom floor patterns are a huge trend that is gaining notoriety by the day. Styles that create unique designs with penny-round tiles to create checkerboard patterns with a new blend of colors that are authentic and original.

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