It is clear that hardwood floor refinishing Schaumburg residents’ love in your home is similar to a facelift for yourself; it rejuvenates, making everything appear as if brand new. In the majority of cases, the cost of refinishing compared to the cost of replacement is more economical. Additionally, natural variations are a major part of its appeal, with wood being a natural product, and these features can be enhanced when refinishing hardwood floors. This contributes to the character of both the wood and the home. No matter how modern the manufacturing, it cannot replicate original hardwood floors. No matter if carpet has been hiding your hardwood or you have cherished wood floors to revitalize, you should take hardwood floor refinishing into consideration.  Hardwood flooring contractors Schaumburg trust recommend that you familiarize yourself with these three things.

1. Hardwood Floor Cleaning
The restoration of dirty hardwood floors Park Ridge that have lost their sheen may appear straightforward; a solid deep cleaning can restore their previous luster. This requires vacuuming and sweeping as well as mopping with concentrated cleaners followed by consistent maintenance to maintain the floor in top condition.
If this is not a complete success, your wood floor can actually be refinished without even sanding, through the use of specific products.
Certain hardwood floors are beyond a simple quick fix because accomplishing the job can be a lengthy and labor-intensive process.

2. Prepping the Floor and Room for Wood Floor Maintenance
Everything must be removed; keep in mind that anything left inside will be exposed to a large amount of debris and dust.
Ensure that the room is as sealed off as possible to make sure that dust does not spread through the house.
Ensure that all doorways, vents, and electrical outlets are properly covered.
If needed, meticulously sweep and mop the floor so it is clean prior to refinishing.

3. Sanding and Refinishing Does Not Fix Gaps
You should know – it is possible to sand down and refinish quality hardwood floors up to about ten times prior to the need for replacement of hardwood flooring Schaumburg homeowners prefer.
People inquire about the possibility of refinishing a floor without sanding it first. To be honest, if floors have not been properly sanded, the staining is unable to penetrate the hardwood – and the polyurethane will not be able to properly adhere.
For example, if the floors have been damaged, they may require a more destructive sanding tool in order to smooth out the floors properly.
If you observe gaps between the boards prior to starting the job, those gaps will remain afterwards as well – certain minor gaps may improve with refinishing.
It is also wise to keep in mind that there will probably be color variations and occasional knots among the boards. At times it is not possible to see these once the polyurethane has been applied.  However, the wood floor color style will fully bring out the floor’s beauty and individuality.
Once floors have been sanded, the powdery dust from the air will settle on the floor, it may then be vacuumed out, and lastly dry-tacking the floor using soft microfiber cloths.

We understand the latest wood floor trends
If you have little experience refinishing wood floors, or are unfamiliar with the latest wood flooring trends, you may finish with results that are unprofessional, in addition to the job taking 2-4 times longer than it would with an expert in the business. As professional hardwood floor contractors Schaumburg homeowners rely on, Idea Wood Floors provides ageless beauty, positively affecting your home’s resale value. Be sure to get in touch with us to obtain a free on-site estimate!

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